2018 Single Tickets

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In our intimate theater with performances in English, the 2018 Festival Season will touch your heart with laughter, heartbreak, and wonder. It’s the perfect marriage of music from the world’s great composers – as played by members of the world-class St. Louis Symphony – and exquisite performances from the most exciting singers and actors of this generation.

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2018 Spring Season
La Traviata
Fri 5/25/18 8:00PM Loretto-Hilton La Traviata
Wed 5/30/18 8:00PM Loretto-Hilton La Traviata
Sat 6/2/18 1:00PM Loretto-Hilton La Traviata
Thu 6/7/18 8:00PM Loretto-Hilton La Traviata
Sun 6/10/18 7:00PM Loretto-Hilton La Traviata
Wed 6/20/18 1:00PM Loretto-Hilton La Traviata
Sat 6/23/18 8:00PM Loretto-Hilton La Traviata

2018 Spring Season
Sat 5/26/18 8:00PM Loretto-Hilton Regina
Thu 5/31/18 8:00PM Loretto-Hilton Regina
Wed 6/6/18 1:00PM Loretto-Hilton Regina
Fri 6/8/18 8:00PM Loretto-Hilton Regina
Sat 6/16/18 1:00PM Loretto-Hilton Regina
Wed 6/20/18 8:00PM Loretto-Hilton Regina
Sun 6/24/18 7:00PM Loretto-Hilton Regina

2018 Spring Season
An American Soldier
Sun 6/3/18 7:00PM Loretto-Hilton An American Soldier
Wed 6/6/18 8:00PM Loretto-Hilton An American Soldier
Sat 6/9/18 1:00PM Loretto-Hilton An American Soldier
Thu 6/14/18 8:00PM Loretto-Hilton An American Soldier
Sat 6/16/18 8:00PM Loretto-Hilton An American Soldier
Fri 6/22/18 8:00PM Loretto-Hilton An American Soldier

2018 Spring Season
Orfeo & Euridice
Sat 6/9/18 8:00PM Loretto-Hilton Orfeo & Euridice
Wed 6/13/18 8:00PM Loretto-Hilton Orfeo & Euridice
Fri 6/15/18 8:00PM Loretto-Hilton Orfeo & Euridice
Sun 6/17/18 7:00PM Loretto-Hilton Orfeo & Euridice
Thu 6/21/18 8:00PM Loretto-Hilton Orfeo & Euridice
Sat 6/23/18 1:00PM Loretto-Hilton Orfeo & Euridice

2018 Spring Season
Center Stage Concert
Tue 6/19/18 8:00PM Loretto-Hilton Center Stage Concert